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Architectural Design: 
     We can assist you in the design of your new home by providing you with a custom design plan by our in-house Computer Aided Drafting System. Throughout the design process you will be able to make informed design decisions and changes as the plan develops from preliminary to final working drawings.

     Choosing where we build our homes is as important to us as how we build them. You will find our homes in some of the most reputable and family-oriented neighborhoods in the city. Please visit one of our homes today and allow us to build your family's DREAM HOME.

     Each foundation is carefully installed to meet the needs of the location and house plan. Whether it is a pier and grade beam or footing and stem each foundation is built with no shortcuts taken. Each stemwall has steel reinforcing not only in the footings but the stemwall as well for maximum strength. Each foundation is poured with 3500 PSI concrete. All interior bearing walls are supported by a thickened slab beam reinforced with steel.

     We build with a focus on high quality at a competitive price. On site supervision is provided by myself. There are no middle management people to deal with. We work together throughout the construction of your new home so it is just right for you. Unlike some builders, I will be happy to make any changes to the home that you would like.

2-Story floor systems: 
     In 2 story homes there are typically two flooring systems a builder can use. A dimensional lumber joist system or a floor truss system. We use the floor truss system that is engineered to carry the weight of the second floor and roof for the life of your home. A structural engineer designs a floor truss system for each floor plan then we use 1 1/8" tongue-and-groove plywood, glued and screwed, to insure a squeak proof floor.

     The importance of the plumbing, heating & air, and electric systems are often overlooked. We take great care to give the customer the best when it comes to these mechanical systems. We use only the best contractors who will stand behind their work and take care of the customer long after the sale. We use Wirsbo Aquapex water systems with their 25 year limited warranty. Our plumbing systems are installed only by Plumbing Solutions Inc. We offer high efficiency heating and air systems with two options, either the duct work installed overhead in the attic space, or under the slab. If the duct work is installed under the slab we will only use a all plastic PVC system insuring against water and rust damage to the duct work. Our heating and air systems are installed only by Temp-Control  Inc. Our mechanical contractors are committed to service and customer satisfaction. If you ever experience a problem you will be totally satisfied with the service they provide. Experienced technicians, radio dispatched trucks, and total customer service are the reasons they do all of our work.

     This is a very important feature. Our insulation process starts at the foundation where Styrofoam perimeter insulation is installed under the concrete slab to insure that cold air does not penetrate from under the slab. During wall construction, insulation is installed between the bottom plates of the exterior walls and the slab. Before the wall insulation is installed each hole from the attic is carefully sealed. The windows and doors are also insulated where the frames meet the walls. Then the insulation is blown into the wall cavity around each pipe and wire. This system totally fills the space between each stud giving a R-15 value. Before the brick is applied to the exterior each window and seam in the wall sheeting is sealed. The attic space is insulated with a R-30 blown in insulation.Roof wind turbines are installed to ventilate the attic space.

     For lasting beauty and protection against the extreme Oklahoma weather we use only 100% clay bricks. With clay bricks, the color is blended through the brick, compared to concrete brick which has color only on the outside. We recommend Acme Brick with their 100 year guarantee.

Interior Design: 
     Consultation is available with an interior designer as part of our construction service, in order to assist you in selection of colors & styles for your interior finish. Our in-house cabinet and trim crew insure you of only the finest built cabinets and trim work. Each home has custom built cabinets made specifically for your home.

     Whether you are buying a finished home and in need of a Permanent loan or a custom home dealing with a Interim Loan I can assist you with this process by providing you with a variety of different financing programs offered through various lenders.


Committed to Owner Satisfaction,

Jeff Witt, Builder

Member, National Association of Home Builders 
Member, Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association 
Oklahoma Association's Board of Directors 1995-1996 
Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association's Board of Directors 1995-2000